Process Stabilization and Control

Traditional tools for process stabilization include process capability studies and control charts. The Lean Six Sigma process provides additional tools that can lead to process stabilization. These include Process Mapping, Poka-Yoke, 5S, Standard Work, Kaizen events, Measurement Systems Analysis, and Design of Experiments.

The goal of process mapping is to provide a team with an understanding of the process. This understanding can often lead to improvements based on error-proofing (Poka-Yoke) or standardization (5S, Standard Work). Sometimes, a process may appear to be unstable when, in fact, it is the measurement process that is unstable. Measurement Systems Analysis can help address such issued. Design of experiments is a set of methods used to identify sources of variation in processes where the cause systems are not well understood.

Of course, the control chart is the best way to monitor an ongoing process to maintain stability. But to attain stability, many tools, such as those mentioned above, can be helpful.


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